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Learn modern web development
Hire the best trained developers

Codaisseur AcademyOur Academy is the best preparation to become a professional in modern web development.

Codaisseur Talent PipelineJoin over 60 other companies in hiring our professionally trained graduates.

Our industry experts prepare you for a future in one of the coolest industries to work in.

We will invest in you, and work hard to get you there. And we expect the same from you. Codaisseur graduates are the most hireable web developers because we share the same interest. If you succeed, we succeed.

We provide companies with a talent pipeline of carefully selected and professionally trained developers.

Together we can help you grow teams of skilled, motivated developers. Our graduates bring diversity and a cutting-edge skill set to your development team.

Learn from Teaching Practitioners

Our teachers spend most of their time programming, and they have been doing that professionally for the past decade or more. Together we developed a unique program that teaches both basics and best practices, as well as the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Explore moreGet your first Taste of Code and browse our other courses

Taste of CodeBeginner Workshop

Learn to build an online game during our beginner workshop where we teach you about HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Leading tech corporates provide us with classroom space, and Codaisseur provides a training program and expert coaching throughout the day. It’s free, so bring your own laptop, that’s all you need.

BootcampsLearn Web Development Technologies

Learn the fundamentals of programming and the basics of web development, collaborate with others to build and deploy different types of web applications, or learn the latest technologies available in the world of full-stack JavaScript.

Advanced CoursesExpand Your Knowledge

Codaisseur brings you multiple Advanced Classes every month. Follow the classes to become a better programmer. Hone your coding skills on new programming languages, the coolest tools, or libraries. Available as one off courses or monthly subscription.

Here's where our alumni are working

De Monsters
Instant Magazine
216 Accountants
Leukeleu B.V.
Sky Spiral Concepts

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