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A Unique Kickstart

During our 9 week Academy, you will learn to become a professional in modern web development. Our teachers are experienced programmers with a combined history of over 40 years of building software for the web and mobile. Our unique, hands-on approach to teaching helps you focus on getting the most possible out of these weeks.

You will have front row access to so much knowledge and experience, which makes this a truly unique kickstart into your new career as a developer. Together, we will help you prepare for your first days on the job and beyond.

Here we'll tell you everything you could want to know about what you will learn in the Codaisseur Academy, the 2-Year Junior Acceleration Program, and finally about Scholarships & Support.

Does This Work?

See for yourself! We have been doing this for about a year, and here are the results:

  • 85 Graduated
  • 70 Hired
  • 50 Companies

  • € 800 paid by you, with the remainder paid by your employer only after you've found a job
  • Start with the basics, graduate on cutting-edge technology
  • Job guarantee

We offer a Scholarship Program to unemployed individuals who are between 20 and 30 years of age.

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The Academy

As a successful applicant you will start with our 9 week immersive Academy. During that time you will be taught the fundamentals of programming. The training itself is intensive and requires strong motivation and commitment. You should expect to be in class up to 10 hours a day, 5 days a week. The exception to this is during the first week, which starts on a Monday and runs until Saturday.

Whether it be reading assignments, exercises or review, homework is a regular staple during the academy and as such, you will be required to allocate additional time at home to finish this work when designated. To better prepare you for work in an international coding environment, all course materials and the instruction during classes are provided in English.

Skills you acquire

Our Academy prepares you for a job as full stack developer in modern web development. Our professionals teach you what they know and love in a unique 2 month education program. We developed this program in collaboration with professionals and employers to match what they ask for and more.

  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Ruby on Rails
  • SQL Databases
  • Test Driven Development
  • Building APIs
  • NodeJS and ES6 Syntax
  • React with Redux
  • Service Based Architecture
  • NoSQL Databases
  • Realtime Multiplayer Games with WebSockets
  • Native iOS & Android Apps with React

We start with the basics to first lay a solid foundation, and build upon that to make you a modern web developer, equipped with cutting-edge technology skills. Furthermore, your project workflow includes: Code reviews and quality assessments, standard practices such as TDD, basics of product development, UX design, Domain modelling and team collaboration using standard tools like Atom, Git, Github, CI, and Slack.


Our Academy is the best preparation to become a professional in modern web development. Our industry experts teach prepare you for a future in one of the coolest industries to work in.

We will invest in you, and work hard to get you there. And we expect the same from you. Codaisseur graduates are the most hireable web developers because we share the same interest. If you succeed, we succeed.







Why Codaisseur?

  • The highest hiring rate, no internships, an actual job
  • Affordable to anyone (Check out our Scholarship Program)
  • Learn from professional senior developers
  • Practical exercise driven learning
  • 2-Year acceleration program after you found a job
  • Mentoring and coaching during your first months on the job

Admission fee

We work hard to make this course affordable to anyone. The admission fee of €800 is the best value for money you will find, because truly, that does not cover even half of what our Academy offers you.

We can make you this offer because we work closely with the companies that will hire you. The company that hires you will pay us back the remainder of your education cost - but only if you get hired in a real job. Not an internship, a real job with a real salary!

We are a school, not a pay rolling company. You will work for these companies directly, and you will choose where you want (and don’t want) to work. Make sure to check out our proposition to employers for the full picture.

What our alumni are saying...

Rogier jpg

Rogier Nitschelm

I always wanted to get my own start-up going so that's when I took a leap into the world of coding by doing some online c...

I always wanted to get my own start-up going so that's when I took a leap into the world of coding by doing some online courses. This was a great first introduction but there was still the challenge of building on what I had already learned and utilise those skills the current job market. That's where Codaisseur came in; at Codaisseur I learned so much by just doing. Furthermore, I was provided access to a great network of start-ups looking for developers and have since landed my first developer job.

Maurice jpg

Maurice Smorenberg

Since being accepted into Codaisseur's traineeship program my knowledge of programming has grown exponentially. The initi...

Since being accepted into Codaisseur's traineeship program my knowledge of programming has grown exponentially. The initial bootcamp provided me with a solid foundation, giving me the ability to further develop my programming skills. I continued to code at home and after a while I found my dream job as a junior software developer at a cool startup!

2-Year Junior Acceleration Program

Having completed the academy, you will be admitted into our 2-Year Junior Acceleration Program. The aim of this program is to provide you with further training, support, and mentorship so you can grow and expand your current skills in a more expedited manner. We achieve this through our advanced monthly classes, one-on-one mentoring hours, support via the Codaisseur community and ongoing access to all online course materials. Not only is this a benefit to our graduates, it has proven to be a valuable support outlet for the companies hiring our juniors.

Job placement

It is in our best interest that all graduates find suitable employment as a junior developer after the academy; not only do we mean this but our very own model forces us to abide by it. Whilst we provide leads from our ever-growing network of companies, you are more than welcome to solicit directly with a company of their choosing. We involve companies as much as possible throughout the academy to not only introduce but to make the transition easier and more streamlined for our graduates.


Candidates are carefully selected amongst all applicants. Whilst prior education or experience in software development is an advantage, it is by no means a definitive requirement. After creating a profile with us you will be asked to complete an online assignment; the assignment itself is not hard but should be used as a tool to gauge your interest and devotion towards a career in programming. In addition to your interview, you will also be asked to complete two short tests pertaining to logic as well as the online assignment.

Open evening

It will be the chance to ask all your questions.




Scholarships and Support

If you are between 20 and 30 years of age, you may be eligible for a scholarship by the Comptoir de l’Innovation/Jp Morgan Scholarship. If you can not afford the admission fee, we advise you to contact your municipality (gemeente) to see if you are eligible for financial support.

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More information

It is strongly recommended that you visit one of our monthly open evenings for more information; there you will have a chance to ask any questions you may have. You If you are unable to join us during one of those evenings, you may reach out to us via email or telephone; Please see our contact page for further contact details.


All training takes place at our office in the centre of Amsterdam located at Singel 542.

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