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Cover learn the basics of coding in just seven days

Learn the Basics of Coding in Just 7 Days

We are proud to announce that our Beginner Bootcamp program is now covered by the UWV education voucher program (“scholingsvoucher”),allowing you to participate free of charge. Designed to help people advance their careers, the voucher program is available to almost anyone.

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Cover tq is our new hq

TQ Is Our New HQ!

Smell of fresh paint, high ceilings, and crispy white walls. Some stuff isn't finished yet as I'm installing myself in our brand new Codaisseur Office at TQ on The Flower Market, smack dab in the middle of the city centre of Amsterdam.

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Codaisseur Events Coming Up in October at TQ

At TQ, we finally have the opportunity to expand our community efforts and organise some larger events. Some of them are listed below.

OCT 12 - Open Evening

Visit our Open Evening to learn more about our program, the teachers, the technology, and of course check out the new space! It will be the chance to ask all your questions, so RSVP now.

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Cover scholingsvoucher

The Dutch Government wants become a web developer!

Here at Codaisseur we specialize in junior web-developer training. Once you have passed our selection process we get you job-ready in a two-month intensive training program. Thereafter we will continue to train you for another two years in our junior-developer traineeship to help you progress in your new career.

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Cover recruiters

Codaisseur vs Recruiters

So when you're on the lookout for that awesome developer you might post the job on channels like LinkedIn, job boards and obviously your own website. You sit back and wait, which is called the post and pray methodology. But waiting for that unicorn developer to apply just ain't gonna happen.

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Spend your Summer on Code and land a dream job as Web Developer

Our original plan was to take this Summer off, but we have come around on that decision, because we feel that the Summer is an excellent time to make that career switch you might have been considering. Seriously, the time is now. And there's a good chance that it won't cost you anything but some hard work and studying!

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Cover talented junior developers

How to get new talented junior developers

Do you remember your first job after you graduated? Was it what you expected it to be? Wouldn’t it have been awesome when companies told you beforehand about the way things work at the department you were applying for?

At Codaisseur, our juniors are all very excited to land their first job as a web developer, but they have so many questions about the challenges they will be facing. The questions we have heard most are:

  • What do companies expect from a junior?
  • Will I fit in their development team?
  • What projects will I be working on?

Company pitch

We give companies the chance to introduce themselves to our soon to be junior web developers and tell them about the technologies they are using, the projects they are working on and the people they might be working with.

During the final weeks of our traineeship we invite a select number of companies (startup, larger agencies and corporates) who are interested in hiring a junior developer to give a short presentation to our very eager developers-to-be.

We found out that the companies who have pitched to our juniors are seen as likeable but also as a place our trainees would love to work!

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Let Codaisseur’s Students Build Your Next Big Thing!

(for free!)

People sometimes ask us: “Can’t your students build something for me? Like, for practice?” And now they can! And they will!

Our students have been learning about all the best practices in web development and they know how to work together in a development team. We build an app with them every day, and they work on weekly projects together, but we felt there was one — perhaps vital — part missing from their education:

Building. Something. Real.

That is why we decided to invite you over during the next bootcamp so they can build your next big thing. For the students this will be a lesson in working together for a client, SCRUM, communication, and much, much more vital stuff. For you it is an opportunity to get the first version of something cool built!

» Read on! (or submit your project right away if you don’t like reading)

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Cover need a junior developer try one for free

Need a junior developer? Try our best graduates

Looking for a junior full stack developer with great skills, work experience and a striking portfolio?

Awesome! At Codaisseur we train the best for you to hire.

Our students are carefully selected on competence, learning curve, attitude and passion. After an immersive traineeship, our graduates have to practice their new skills at companies who need developers who are eager to learn.

Skills of our grads


FREE trial

In order to see if there is match between companies and our graduates, we have a 2-week FREE trial before the two year traineeship actually starts. After the 2-week trial you can decide for yourself if you want to hire our junior(s) for a traineeship. Really, no strings attached.

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Cover speed date a junior developer

Speed date a junior Developer

When companies and developers meet...magic happens!

We have seen the sparkles and felt the buzz….Our very eager to learn juniors can’t wait to enter the tech world and fall in love with a company that challenges their skills and rewards their passion for web development. We’ve also seen companies desperately looking for that one perfect match which makes their Tech hearts skip a beat.

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Cover scholarships by le comptoir de l innovation and the jp morgan foundation

Scholarships by Le Comptoir de l’Innovation and JP Morgan Foundation

Students aged 20 to 30 years old can attend our Academy free of charge.

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Cover why our kids need to code

Why our kids need to Code

Last week, we were honoured to meet Linda Liukas, aspiring Finnish programmer and author of children's book ‘Hello Ruby’. She visited Amsterdam to present the Dutch translation of her literary work. Despite Linda’s busy schedule, she warmly responded to our invitation for a meeting in at our office.

Positive first experiences

Linda and our Codaisseur team gathered and discussed several topics, related to programming and focused especially on the ways to approach and introduce technology to children. Linda gave us many inspiring insights and tips. Her enthusiasm and passion about children and coding was contagious and we all started brainstorming and discussing the best ways to help our children develop technical skills. Linda believes that technology should be presented to children as a problem-solving tool. It is not necessarily based only on actual computing, but it is all-embracing concept.

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Cover codaisseur offers web development traineeship with job guarantee

Codaisseur offers web development traineeship with job guarantee

Last week, we released our traineeship program and so far it's been the busiest times we had. Ever. Dozens of people signed up to become junior web developers and land a job.

To train market ready developers, we decided to offer people an almost free education program and paid traineeship. Our first edition starts in February and is completely full. We never anticipated that so many people would be interested in a career switch on such short notice.

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Cover why learning to code is one of the most valuable skills you can master

Why learning to code is one of the most valuable skills you can master

This is a repost of an article I wrote on Medium about a year ago.

Software engineering is a knowledge skill. And by knowledge skill, I mean a skill that requires knowledge, but nothing else specifically. One could argue that you need a computer to program on, but in theory, you can write code on a piece of paper and still benefit from the exercise.

You don’t need anything to code. You can write code on a piece of paper and still benefit from the exercise.

What writing code can do to your brain is very unique in my opinion. To look at problems, or workflows, or anything else that can be programmed (virtually anything!) from the perspective of a software engineer is a very unique experience. Some say it’s addictive even, Let me try and explain why.

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6 Courses to do during Hour of Code

Hour of Code is a movement that reaches millions of students in more than 180 countries. You can join them by trying out writing code for the first time for just an hour. We hand-picked a list of 6 resources that we think make a great introduction to programming. Check them out below, and try them for yourself, or, if you have them, with your kids!

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Cover why we are doing a development bootcamp and you should too

Why we are doing a Development Bootcamp and you should too

Over the last couple of decades, software has come to play a big part of our daily routines. Some people saw this happen and got very rich and famous, like Bill Gates, or very dead and famous, like Steve Jobs, but most people just learned to use software to keep their jobs (MS Office), to communicate faster (email), or to stay in touch with more people at the same time (Facebook, Twitter). It is time for a change people, because software is rapidly changing how industries work, or as Marc Andreessen put it: "Software is eating the world"!

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