The Dutch Government wants become a web developer!

Here at Codaisseur we specialize in junior web-developer training. Once you have passed our selection process we get you job-ready in a two-month intensive training program. Thereafter we will continue to train you for another two years in our junior-developer traineeship to help you progress in your new career.

Upon acceptence into our traineeship program we require you to pay a modest admission fee of only €2500,- where the remaining training costs are borne by your future employer. There is no question that this is an obsolute bargain given the opportunities that lie ahead..But now, this absolute bargin has become a 0 + 1 gratis bonanza!

The Dutch Government has determined that becoming a web-developer is a great career move. As such, your €2500,- admission fee may be covered by the UWV Education Voucher program (“Scholingsvoucher”). You may apply for this voucher in case you lost your job and receive social security or if you currently have an employment agreement or are self-employed. For more information about this program, see here.

To apply for the education voucher you can download the application form for the traineeship period for which you have been accepted (March, May) Please complete and sign it before mailing it to the following adress. Don't forget to include a copy of your bank details, your ID and your invoice!

Postbus 57200

The UWV will refund the admission fee to you directly. Please be aware that your application has to be received by the UWV no later than two weeks following the start of your training. It can take the UWV up to 8 weeks to process your application, and thereupon up to 30 days to refund you. To reserve a seat within one of our traineeship serials, you will be required to pay the traineeship admission fee in full, within 14 days upon receipt of our invoice.