2 Year Junior Developer Acceleration Program

A Talent Pipeline. For Developers.

Juniors with the support of a community

Hire one of our Codaisseur Academy graduates, and we help you mentor and develop their skills during the first two years. This helps your juniors develop faster and limits the effort your development team has to spend on coaching and mentoring. We do this in the form of monthly classes on advanced topics, mentoring hours, and our learning community on Slack.

Codaisseur Academy
12 Monthly Sessions per year
4h/month 1-on-1 Mentoring
Access to Online Course Materials

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€ 640/mo for as long as they work for you and max. 2 years

Codaisseur Academy

By the time you meet your Codaisseur Graduate he/she has already successfully completed 9 weeks of intensive training. They are proficient with complete stacks composed of Ruby, RSpec, Rails, JS/Node (incl. ES6), Mocha, Chai, React, SQL, HTML5, and CSS3.

The project workflow includes: Code reviews and quality assessments, standard practices such as TDD, basics of product development, UX design, and Domain modeling, working together in teams using standard tools like Atom, Git, Github, CI, and Slack.

The costs for the Academy are a given, however, to take away some of your financial risk when it comes to new hires, remaining training costs are divided over 24 equal monthly instalments. Your company only pays these instalments for as long as our Graduate is employed by you.

Junior Developer Acceleration Program (optional)

Our Graduates have learned a lot in our 9-week Academy, but they are just getting started in a new career. To continue their steep learning curve, we organize monthly Advanced sessions. Every month, your junior receives training on a wide range of backend and frontend topics.

Most of these sessions are stack agnostic, meaning that we do not spend time on a particular programming language or library per se, but mostly on the concepts behind it. Examples of such topics are SQL, NoSQL, Background jobs, Redux, WebSockets, Browser testing, Responsive design, Flexbox CSS, UX & Accessibility, etc. Don't hesitate to suggest topics based on your needs, via teachers@codaisseur.com.

Mentoring Hours (optional)

Junior developers get stuck sometimes, while your team is too occupied to help them through a rough patch. This is where we step in with mentoring hours. Our teachers can help them when they are stuck, getting projects started or finish up before deployment. On weekdays between 9am and 6pm, your junior is welcome to schedule mentoring hours with one of our teachers to get him/her going again.

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Our graduates are ready to meet you and eager to continue their road to become seasoned developers at your company.

Ask them for their portfolio projects to see how fast they have been learning.

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Learning Community on Slack

During office hours (and often far beyond that) there is someone from our staff available on Slack to have a chat about any issues your juniors might have. They can ask feedback on code, best practices, libraries to use, etc.

Online Course Materials

Your juniors have unlimited access to our online course materials. We are constantly adding more reading materials and guided exercises for your juniors to further their knowledge and practice with new technologies. Should your juniors be unable to attend a monthly session, all the materials will be available so they still have something to fall back on.


Your company pays €640 per junior per month for the above services. These monthly payments will continue only while your junior works for you and up to a maximum of two(2) years. If you employ any other juniors who have not successfully completed the Codaisseur Academy, you can have them partake in the monthly sessions and mentoring if we have the capacity available.